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GUARD LOCK Perfect Chain Tool
Cutting Pressing, Riveting Accomplish further evolution and appear
  • You can get three works by only this one!
  • Functionality sought. Easy to use and it's shorten the working time.
  • Easy to use and grasp it easy by large handle. It convince for professional.
  • Package design
    Points of handling
  • Do not drop this tool. It become the cause of the deformation or malfunction.
  • Please keep it the tools be in the included storage bag, and don't lose it.
  • Please do not disassemble and do not remodel, and do not use this for other purposes.
  • There is a case to change specifications of without a notice for article improvement.
  • Black Silver Gold
    Perfect CHAIN TOOL instruction manual (pdf/750kb)
    パーフェクトチェーンツール 取付説明(PDFデータ)
    • Color/Parts number: Black/No700NBK,Gold/No700NGL,Silver/No700NSL
    • Useable chain sizes: 520/525/530/532
    • MSRP: ¥9,240-
    Repair parts
    JAN Parts number Description
    4944415205581 700N-01 Cutting bolt
    4944415205598 700N-02 Cutting & Riveting Combined bolt
    4944415205604 700N-03 Setting bolt
    4944415205611 700N-04 Pressing bolt
    4944415205628 700N-05 Handle
    4944415205635 700N-06 Reinforcement bolt
    4944415205642 700N-07 Guide plate (with screws)
    4944415205659 700N-08 Hexagon wrench
    4944415205666 700N-09 Storage bag
    Optional parts
    JAN Parts number Description
    4944415205673 700N-10 Guide plate (with screws)
    use for CLIP type master link