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Power Net
Safely and functional, high-strength Power Net
  • Easy to tie by hooks with easy to use finger hole.
  • The net, it is superior in the durability of 5mm in diameter.
  • It is fix well reliable for small piece too, by 5 x 5 cm square net.
  • The 5mm in diameter rubber rope that considered for rain and ultraviolet rays.
  • It has used polypropy
  • lene thread superior in the durability.
  • The rubber has about 200% expansion and contraction rates.
  • It includes "Power Cord", that is rubber band 1.5m in length 6.5mm in diameter.
Points of handling
Please check each following matter at any time.
  • Inspect of hook and net for crack or deterioration.
  • Please confirm surely that, all hook part has done hook and there is not slack of the net.
  • There is the case that it slips off or incline, only by the force of the net depending on weight and the size of the luggage to load. Please to hold it surely by the supporting belt depending on the situation.
  • Please check the losing of a using hook, should be careful to the slacking of the cord, and please check it at the time of the stop by every time.
Firmly fix large luggage
Line Up
Red Blue Silver Black
  • Color/Parts number: Black/No700NBK,Gold/No700NGL,Silver/No700NSL
  • Composition : Power Net x 1/ Plastic Hook x 6 /1.5m Power Cord x 1
  • Type
    TSN-3300 : 3300Power Net/300mm×300mm(41sq)
    TSN-4400 : 4400Power Net/ 400mm×400mm(61sq)
    TSN-5500 : 5500Power Net/500mm×500mm(85sq)