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Rain Suit

The article of rare beauty it is scientized in the riding of the rainy day. Perfectly equipped an abundant function with in low price.

  • It suppresses it by mesh liner to stuffing and to clinging.
  • It used the nap-raising material for an inner of collar and it is realized comfortable touch.
  • Installed an adjustment tab to the sleeve and it reduced the flappng in the riding.
  • Shut out rain invasion from the cuffs by an adjustable function.
  • Fixed it reflective strips to coat-stitches and pants hems for ensure security of the riding in the dark.
  • It shut out rain invasion by to stretch around same color Velcro on the part of front fastener.
  • It has adjustable spindle to hems.
  • It attached to hanging part a reflector for to ensure safety.
  • It prevents to be stuffy, due to the send air out from inside the wear by the ventilation of the back.
  • It has hanging belt.
  • It prevents invasion of the water from a seat by made seamlessness the part of crotch.
  • It has removable hood.
  • It is with a storing-bag, which is wide mouth opening and easy to put in.
Adopted various ideas
WETPOINT Rain Suit Features
removable hood   nap-raising for inner collar   mesh liner / inner pocket   Velcro function of matched color
adjuster function   large pocket   adjuster function of pants hems   wide mouth opening bag
WETPOINT Rain Suit Colors
Black   Blue   Orange   Silver
  • Color : Black ・ Blue ・ Orange ・ Silver
  • SKU : TSR-302
  • Size : S・M・L・LL・3L
Sizes Height Chest Weist
S 155~160cm 78~86cm 64~74cm
M 160~170cm 84~92cm 72~80cm
L 170~175cm 90~98cm 78~88cm
LL 175~180cm 96~104cm 86~96cm
3L 180~190cm 102~110cm 92~102cm