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Rain Suit
The riding of a rany day is pursued, it is full gear with abundant functions.
  • It suppresses it by mesh liner of FOOD・WEAR・PANTS to stuffing and to clinging.
  • It used TRICOT material for inner of collar and it is realized comfortable touch.
  • Installed an adjustment tab to the sleeve and it reduced the flapping in the riding.
  • Shut out rain invasion from the cuffs by an adjustable function.
  • Using reflector the back logo and piping of wear and pants for ensure the security in the dark.
  • It shut out rain invasion by to stretch around same color Velcro on the part of front fastener.
  • It has adjustable spindle to hems.
  • It prevents to be stuffy, clue to the send air out from inside the wear by the ventilation of the Back.
  • The pants hems are adjustable by adjuster function.
  • It prevents invasion of the water from a seat by made seamless the part of crotch.
  • Storing bag has adjustable function and to be come small.
Description of product package
Rain Suit Features
Removable hoof with mesh liner Adjustment tab The Spindle which can adjust the sleeve. Front zipper / shut out rain invasion
Used the nap-raising tricot material for inner of collar (comfortable touch) Mesh linner / inside pocket The cuff has adjustable function for shut out rain invasion. Part of sleeve has adjustable function, keep safty riding.
The ventilation of the back, prevent the stuffiness. Hem part has adjustable function and used reflector piping for safty. seamless the part of hip shat out rain invasion. Exclusive storing bag Becomes compact.
ブラック シルバー グリーン オレンジ
(A pants is black only)
(A pants is black only)
(A pants is black only)
(A pants is black only)
  • Oute : Nylon taffeta (PU coating)
  • Inner : Polyestermesh
  • Color : Black ・ Silver ・ Green ・ Orange (A pants is black only)
  • Size : M/ L / LL / 3L
Sizes M L LL 3L
Height 160-170cm 170-175cm 175-180cm 180-190cm
Chest 84-92cm 90-98cm 96-104cm 102-110cm
Weist 72-80cm 78-88cm 86-96cm 92-102cm