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Seat Cover
Protecting beloved bike's seat by the high durability leather.
  • This is most suitable for the protection, repair, reinforcement of the seat.
  • Shut out rays by the high durability leather.
  • This is superior in waterproofness.
  • This is designed to easily attach.
  • Points of handling
  • This is general-purpose product and correspond to various models.
  • This might be slack and a larger part than seat when put this on.
  • The size and the model described in the application chart are approximate.
  • There is in case of not matching for the model and model year. Please acknowledge it.
  • Please use this seat cover after it repairs with the vinyl tape etc. when the seat has torn or it has big damage.
  • If there is part bigger than a seat, please use it rolling up it to inside a seat.
  • Please cut off the part with which the hook is covered when interfering in a fixed hook of the seat. In that case, please cut it as small as possible after cut size and position are well confirmed. It becomes impossible to use for to the seat cover, and it to extend if it cuts it too much. A hole is opened or the cut product cannot return at all. Please work with caution after approving the content mentioned above.
  • Because this is a sewing product, it is not complete waterproofing.
  • There is a tolerance of some sizes because this is the sewing product. Please acknowledge it
  • Product Specifications
    Size SKU Application chart
    S EWC-S
    M1 EWC-M1
    M2 EWC-M2
    M3 EWC-M3
    L EWC-L
    3L EWC-3L
    4L EWC-4L