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"ELMARD" Sheet
The ELMARD Carbon Pattern Sheet.

"Solidity" "Depth Feel" "Sense of Quality" are achieved. New material "ELMARD"

  • The front fork, rear wing, silencer cover etc. are most suitable for the dress-up of various parts, prevention of scratch, cutting.
  • Precautions for use
  • After having cut it with box cutter etc. stick on.
  • Please do not use it for the purpose except the uses.
  • Please do not use the high heat such as hand blower.
  • When stick this on, degrease the part by all means. It becomes hard to peel off.
  • Please acknowledge beforehand there is possibility the painting peels off when peel this off.
  • When the sheet put once is peeled it might be color-difference at the a part peel it off and the paintwork of body.
  • Please acknowledge that the specification of this product might change without a previous notice for the improvement and the improvement.
  • Discoloration, fading, cracking, and peeling etc. might be caused from the point of weather resistance by the secular change..
  • Please acknowledge it beforehand we cannot take any responsibility about the troubles and the accidents that occurred with this product.
  • In new material ELMARD, it reproduced a carbon twill fabrics pattern.
    Product Specifications
    • Size: 210x330mm
    • Color / SKU:
      Black / 00-10000
      Silver / 00-10001
    • Size: 250×500mm
    • Color / SKU:
      Black / 00-11000
      Silver / 00-11001
    STAGE series lineup
    It is best carbon pattern ELMARD sheet for dress up, the scratch prevention and cutting for various parts.
    ELMARD Carbon Pattern Sheet      
    These are ELMARD carbon pattern items to give the surface finishing by new material ELMARD.
    Common usable Rear Fender for MONKEY / FI. Common usable Front Fender for MONKEY / FI & MONKEY Side Cover RH. Side Cover for MONKEY FI Common usable Front Fender for ZOOMER / APE