Original Products

TANIO, which we continued catching end-user needs precisely with the change of the times through distribution for long time more than half a century and continued analyzing users needs into in this information-oriented society which diversified.
Always continues, standing in the end-user's perspective and develop products has provided. On the other hand, we appreciate for all of possible cooperation of motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories manufacturers.
To propose we can make use of the prominent development function and technology, the always standing in the position of the user.
Numerous products, which born from the joint development of the sector has been thinking together industry improvement and development from a different viewpoint of the logistics and technology has attracted many motorcycle fans.
Our company keeps assuming the corporate philosophy so that people in the society may feel "Dream and romance", examining various elements from all directions, we propose and developing the valuable new product which satisfies the feeling of satisfaction of the user through the motorcycle, and continues offering it.

The enthusiastic, it's okay. Riding-style coming out from a free expression. One product that doesn't forgive compromise

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