TANIO Stretch Seat Cover

Stretch Seat Cover

The elastic synthetic leather fits the seat and protects it.


  • It is easy to fit only stretched and covering.
  • It is fit right in by elastic material "polyester urethane".
  • This is the best for protection, the repair and the reinforcement of the seat.

How to fit

  • Apply the size-mark that was sewn on the back side of this item, to the anterior center of the saddle.
    Then pull and hang it to wrap up the whole saddle by this item, in the state of unlocked seat.
  • It might become hard to lock the seat, please confirm whether to be locked.
  • Please use this product after it repairs carefully by the adhesive tape etc., if tears or damage are large on epidermal saddle of motorcycle.
  • Please use a product that is one size larger when it seems that the installation is impossible by the size.

Points of handling

  • Please do not use this for the use other than the purpose.
  • There is a possibility of tearing when the seat has the projection etc. Please be careful when you install it.
  • Please buy the new one because it is a product life when you have seen cracks or deterioration of wear-out etc. on surface of this product.
  • Please choose shade as the parking place as much as possible. Often direct sunshine is hasten the deterioration of the product.
  • When this product got wet, wipe water off immediately, and please be dried in the shade.
  • It may hasten deterioration when you use it with trash and dust stick to the surface of this cover. Please wipe it off with the cloth that is wet with water and squeezed hard regularly.
  • Please acknowledge that we do not assuming the responsibility about damage, the accident and etc. due to incomplete use by user.
  • Please acknowledge that we do not assume the responsibility for the accident and the tear, etc. that happens while driving.
  • This product is not complete waterproofing.
  • Please use a waterproof spray etc. on the market when the waterproof property decreases remarkably or if you want increase waterproof property.
  • It is a characteristic of the cloth and the product is not defective though the waterproof property might decrease when using it with the cloth extended.

Product Specifications

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